Welcome to revivalHubs.com,

This site is a resource that tries to convey, in simple terms, the nature of our existence and why we need someone, or something, to save us - the human race.

Use it as a resource to share the basics on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You will find information on here about the spirit, soul and body.  You will also find dietary information on how to maintain a healthy body. You will find why God keeps Covenant with His people.

If you have just moved into a new community you may find your next place of worship in our Hub Directory.

You will also find information to contact us for speaking or teaching engagements. Enjoy, and Praise the Lord!

Get to know us here

Vision of revivalHubs

To connect all revivalist congregations and ministries to enable newcomers to a community to visit those places of worship and ministry that are fully Word of Faith and moving in end-times Authority, according to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Characteristics of a revivalHub:

  • Believes in the Power of the Blood of Jesus

  • Teaching ALL the gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • Tongues as evidence of the indwelling Holy Spirit

  • Unity over Uniformity in the congregation

  • Worship in Spirit and Truth

  • Teaching according to the Spirit of Truth

  • Not in ignorance of the dark kingdom & spirits

  • Free of gossip and all forms of biblical witchcraft

  • Active programs to reach lost - without a works mentality

  • Utilizing the 5-fold ministry to build the Church

  • Open ears for the Head of the Body - Jesus Christ

  • Teaching biblically based stewardship of the physical body

  • Teaching on Covenant promises of the Father

  • Teaching and practicing the Acts 2 - Apostolic, model of "doing church"

  • Active intercessory Prayer Movement


2018 - revivalHubs.com is an outreach of Joyful Hearts Ministries by Richard and Jo Ann Honey

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